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“The Children Are Waiting For You”

This posting is the result of a recent miracle in an anonymous family’s lives.  It involved a suicide. God revealed the circumstances to me.  I saw the individual in heaven.  Shared this with those who needed reassuring.  (You don’t know them.)  …………What was this person doing in heaven?  I mean, what was their mission there?  (Yes, we will all have something which will bless us, and bless Jesus).  

Well, I saw them with a circle of babies and young children around them.  I noticed they were all girls.  The Holy Spirit showed the family what this individual said to Jesus when they got there.  “Oh Jesus, I wish I’d been a better father to my girls”.  Yes, Jesus, loving as only He can be, gave this one the job of “being a father” to  this group of aborted babies.  Loving them, playing with them, caring for them, worshipping with them.  

I have never had such a heart-filled revelation, though I’ve known much about the children in heaven for decades, simply because children are my life and prophetic calling. I could hear the children talking to this ‘dad’ about their earthly parents.  They asked no questions about “why”.  In heaven because there is only love and forgiveness there, we understand everything.  What they were saying was things like,”I can’t wait until I see my Mom and Dad.”  “I pray all the time that they will find our Jesus”  “I just know we’ll get to be together”

May this amazing Holy Spirit experience between a family on earth and God’s love for their grieving questioning hearts to find peace,  bring Hope, Comfort and Healing to any who read this.  Jesus, You said “on earth as it is in heaven”.  You ARE restoring families upon the earth.  Only You can.  You created them. It’s time for anyone who ever had an abortion to forgive themselves, receive the Master’s love and restoration.  He forgave on the Cross.



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In a musical composition there are various reasons for choosing the original key a given work is written in.

In life, the journey of each child is also pre-determined through a variety of factors:  gender, nationality, race, genetic makeup, environment, as well as ancestral traits passed forward.

As the composition progresses the initial motif (smallest musical thought which originated) may find itself worked and reworked many times over, as creativity and personal preference causes the emergence of  different sectional gendres, thematic variations, modes (major to minor ex.), key and time signature as well as personality shiftings, etc.Yes, all music has its’ own personality.

In life, a variety of factors are also progressing within a child.  These factors all have an eventual input into this precious human being and they affect internally and externally the outcomes thruout their transitions of life. 

When completed  musical works have their own purpose, their own song.

The Domain Name I chose for my WordPress site is “The Song Within You”.  “Life is a song, and yours is uniquely beautiful.

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My mother once told me they called her “little question”, when she was younger.  The whimsical expression on her face, with raised eyebrows, a quick shrug of her shoulders, and a silent demeanor which said, “oh well!, remains in my memory bank as a classic moment of connection.

That story, shared with me perhaps in my teen years, brought compassion from this daughters’ heart for the rejected childhood of her mother – certainly sympathy for any perplexity her brilliant, inquisitive mind may have brought into the regulated world of the customs surrounding her.  How any times has one of God’s little treasures been ‘shut down, with the words, “children should be seen and not heard”.  How many of us have heard that phrase, though perhaps well-meaning, yet soul quenching, as children.

Our memories are so amazing.  One ‘film clip’ moves us to the next scene, and the story grows of its’ own momentum.  The scene at the moment is hearing my Mother say, “Susan, there are no stupid questions”.  Sage advice for us all.

It wasn’t until years later I realized, (though she and I were very different in ever so many ways) that part of my inheritance from her was her ‘nickname’.  I too was always questioning, laughingly now I must say, with many of the same results!  It seems that our loving heavenly Father knows that an inquisitive mind and heart is exactly what He planned for each child’s life journey.

Thru a years long series of questions, inquiries, and a ‘trial and error’ pathway of wanderings amongst many religious experiences, (none of which helped me to find HIM,)  Jesus found me, and 31 years of searching for the Truth brought me to Him, who is the ‘Way, the Truth and the Life’.  John 14:6.

It wasn’t long before He led me into my ‘Miracle Journey, Thru The Eyes Of Prayer’.





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The Love of grandkids! Today is one of my ‘songs within’, named Lizzy. On 9/11 (not 2011), this precious little one was born. Today she is celebrating her 12th birthday with 15 friends from school, with a scavenger hunt in a huge Seattle park. This huge statue is called the donut, and was taken on my summer vacation there. Brother Euan and Lizzy are so full of fun and whimsicle things to do. I’m sure ‘their song within’ is a very happy one today, and in perfect harmony.


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